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Junior Sailing 2019

Summer Sailing Fun: The Junior Sailing Programme runs from 1st - 26th July, 2019 with >100 young sailors. 

This Programme includes all levels of the Irish Sailing Association's Small Boat Sailing Scheme, from "Monsters" all the way through the Junior Sailing Course to Instructor Level, with a strong emphasis on having fun while enjoying watersports and sailing in a safe environment.

The duration of each individual course can range from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on both the aptitude/interest of the child, and the time it takes to acquire the skills applicable to each level. To commence a new (higher) level, you must first have completed the prior level.

Online Registration & Payment

Please note that, for each course there are 2 rates, the standard rate, and a discounted GoCardless early bird rate. The latter gives back to the member the savings in bank charges received by using the GoCardless payment system. Only members who have already joined the LDYC GoCardless payments system can avail of the discounted rate. So we ask that all parents who want to register their young sailors for the course, first register themselves for GoCardless (see below), and then (giving LDYC 36 hours to update its membership records - and you will receive an email when that happens) they will be able to register and obtain the GoCardless discount.

Please register your children for each course separately (We are working on an improvement which will allow parents register all children at the same time, but at the moment its one child per registration).

It is not possible to pay online, so Members must either pay using GoCardless (which will thereafter enable them receive discounts on most LDYC events) or by online bank transfer. Please see invoice for the LDYC bank account details. 

LDYC strongly recommends that members use the LDYC GoCardless for all member charges GoCardless

The LDYC courses (with age and skill requirements) are as follows:

The programme runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm each day, with a break for lunch.

These courses are only available to the children of Members, and parents interested in having their children join these courses and learn sailing can apply for Membership. 

Irish Sailing have introduced an online Sailing Passport for all our young sailors, we need to have an email address for every child for this (Parents email address is fine for those children who don't yet have their own email address).

LDYC has a small fleet of club owned boats, available to those starting out in sailing, to help reduce the upfront cost of getting introduced to the lifelong sport of sailing.

Children need appropriate clothing for the Irish Summer weather, sun screen, a change of cloths, non slip shoes, and all the necessary safety gear (lifejackets etc). 

Any queries on the above please call the LDYC Office (067-24455) or send an email to officeLDYC@gmail.com

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